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Image Transfers on Foil

Jill’s been doing some striking work with inkjet transfers onto nonpaper media, and I’m mesmerized by these images on foil.

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My latest obsession–image transfers on foil, thanx to Nitsa who has a great book on alternative photography techniques, collage and all.

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I just saw that the next fiction post is up at Richard Parks’s place. Yay! (Click on “Story Time” in the right-hand menu there.)

Richard Parks

FairyGreenHairThis is an older story. It first appeared in the Wizard Fantastic anthology from DAW Books back in 1997. Sort of a thought experiment on the nature of affection. Or greed. It rather depends on how you look at it. As I said, an older story. Maybe with more flaws than I like to think I commit now. Wishful thinking, probably, but I’m still rather fond of this story. Dragon would like that.

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If you haven’t seen this reblogged somewhere else already, just dive in without reading any summaries or descriptions. The journey’s as cool as the destination.

Somewhere in Portland, there’s a very old building, and that very old building has a very, very old basement. An incredible basement, a video-game-level basement, a set-decorator’s dream basement.

And when you walk past the janitors office, with the wonderfully decked halls…


And tromp down a sunken hallway…


You find a old room. Mostly empty, dusty, and dead quiet.


And then you start to look closer at the walls.

And you start to see things.





(You see that Brown didn’t often pay his dime for coffee.)


(You see that a lot of calculation was done right on the wall.)


(You see that World War I was front and center on everyone’s mind.)


(You wonder what was being tallied, and if it was better to win or lose.)


(And you learn the tongue-in-check “rules” of the room.)


And eventually, you crawl behind a corner, and discover a bundle of conduit.


Conduit for…

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Hello, world!

I created this account as a identity I could comment on friends’ WordPress blogs with. That’s mostly what I’ll be using it for, but I hate to leave blogspace wasted, so I’ll try to at least reblog interesting things occasionally. Meanwhile, hello! My main website is, but I’m happy to chat here as well. ~~~waves~~~