Since I built my first website in the 1990s at (the now very sadly departed) SFF Net, I’ve seemed to follow a five-to-seven-year cycle of ever grander construction and ever deeper neglect. My SFF Net people page was followed by the Eiden Myr domain (and a ghostly, pretty site for the haunted-schooner book Moontide, both still saved on my local machine for uploading somewhere again someday), which was followed by a self-hosted WordPress site called The Nine Winds. That was a darn nice site, and I’m sad that I didn’t export it before I canceled the renewal outright, but I’d reached the “the heck with this” stage of frustration with the site’s functionality (ratio of me:host fault could skew either way), and figured I’d make a fresh start elsewhere when time permitted.

Time doesn’t really permit at the moment, but I’m feeling the lack of a website to direct people to for basic information, and here’s this handy little WordPress, itself sadly neglected but game and ready. So I’m working toward a bare-bones assemblage here, finger bone by toe bone by vertebra. Hello yet again, world!


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