About My Books

The Eiden Myr trilogy

Cover of the book entitled Illumination Cover of the book The Binder's Road  Cover of the book Triad

These three are also referred to as the Illumination series. That’s a good name for them. It’ll be an even better name for the Eiden Myr trilogy plus a planned spinoff series working-titled The Nine Winds. But until there are non–Eiden Myr books to gather under the umbrella, either one will do fine.


Moontide book cover

A nautical ghost story I wrote as Erin Patrick, Moontide was an International Horror Guild Award nominee. The cover art is by me and the late Alan Rodgers, the editor, who also did the jacket design, text design, and typesetting. The book is set on a haunted windjammer off the coast of Down East Maine. I sailed as a passenger on the Schooner American Eagle out of Rockland, Maine, every summer for twenty years, and am still in love with those ships and that coastline. I’m hoping to release this as an ebook at some point; it can be ordered in hardcover from Wildside Press.