About Me

I write fantasy and science-fiction books, copyedit other people’s fantasy and science-fiction books, play music (mostly Irish traditional), and do some 3D modeling and rendering.

I’m a member of the Tabula Rasa writers’ workshop, the Authors Guild, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, which I served as vice-president back in the mists of time; I also served on the vestry at All Saints’ Church in Sunnyside, New York, and on the board of the Princeton Alumni Weekly. I worked at The New Yorker for fifteen years, the last six or so as a Page O.K.’er (senior copyeditor/closing editor), and have been a freelance copyeditor since 1987. (Before that, I was a street trader in Ireland, an English major at Princeton, and a bartender in establishments both savory and un-.) I earned an orange belt in Krav Maga, and aspire to be worthy of it again one day; I got a smidge of MMA training, did a two-week intensive course in fencing at Hofstra, and have a first-level certificate in Western martial arts (longsword) from John Clements of the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts. I’ve been in a variety of gigging Irish bands (Orchids & Onions, Cá Bhfuil Seosamh?, L.I.M.) but am mostly a perpetual workshopper who yearns for a laid-back hyperlocal session; I play pennywhistle, tenor banjo, and octave mandolin. I miss choral singing, which I did in school and at church; at home I play Broadway show tunes and a bit of classical and jazz on a family-heirloom upright piano. CGI-wise, lately I’ve been modeling and rendering in Modo, but I’ve also worked with Zbrush and Hexagon, done a bit of texturing with Substance Painter, and rendered with Vue, Octane, and DAZ Studio.

Tá Gaeilge agam. Ba bhreá liom labhairt leat.

Terry McGarry on an ivy-twined garden bench with gargoyles


Russell Galen
Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency
276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 708
New York, NY 10001

Press kit upon request.

About this site:  Established in 2012 in order to comment on friends’ WordPress blogs, updated only sporadically for six years while I ran a self-hosted WordPress site, revamped in 2018. Any blog posts prior to November 2012 will be imported entries from Livejournal, if I decide to run an import. Art will post in blog entries; older work can be found at deviantArt and in the daz3d.com galleries under the username Limnery.

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