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I just saw that the next fiction post is up at Richard Parks’s place. Yay!

Richard Parks

FairyGreenHairThis is an older story. It first appeared in the Wizard Fantastic anthology from DAW Books back in 1997. Sort of a thought experiment on the nature of affection. Or greed. It rather depends on how you look at it. As I said, an older story. Maybe with more flaws than I like to think I commit now. Wishful thinking, probably, but I’m still rather fond of this story. Dragon would like that.

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The Sound of Smart People Talking to Each Other

I am often mistaken for somebody who knows something and I’m not. I create characters who know things. And I’m not just being self-deprecating. I think this is important. … I think that the critics in the audience who are reacting as hostilely to the show as they are, part of the reason is they think that I’m showing off an intellect and an erudition that I don’t have. And just to be very clear, I’m not pretending to have it. I know that I don’t have it. I phonetically create the sound of smart people talking to each other. I’m not one of them. The characters I create would have no use for me. …

I haven’t met anyone who can [talk the way his characters do]. When I write these things, I’m alone in a room for a very long time, and I get to rewrite them, and I get to think for a long time about what’s going to be said. If I get on a roll, then I can write a conversation like that without stopping, but I can’t do it when talking to a real person, like you. That’s not who I am in real life.

—Aaron Sorkin, interview with Terry Gross on “Fresh Air,” July 16, 2012


Sounds of Ireland last March

The band Stanley Rygor founded and Frank Ryan organized and now John Nevin organizes, at the annual benefit concert Bill Popp organizes at Kenny’s Castaways in memory of his father.



Mary Ford (bodhran), Tom Higgins (mandolin), Kevin Broderick (guitar), Jenny Evans (fiddle), James Cleveland (fiddle), Jim Norman (concertina), Terry McGarry (whistle), Matt Diaz (flute), Valerie Irwin (vocals, guitar), John Nevin (tenor banjo), Stanley Rygor (accordion).

Hello, world!

I created this account as a identity I could comment on friends’ WordPress blogs with. That’s mostly what I’ll be using it for, but I hate to leave blogspace wasted, so I’ll try to at least reblog interesting things occasionally. Meanwhile, hello! ~~~waves~~~