A realm under siege.

The sacrifice of heroes.

A journey to the heart of power.

Cover of the book TriadIn the sweeping conclusion to Illumination and The Binder’s Road, the magic-steeped realm of Eiden Myr has come under attack from the outerlands. A new power has arisen that may be the key to winning the war of the coast. Is it the light of salvation, or delusion?

To vanquish darkcraft, mages destroyed a warding that protected the realm for fifteen hundred years. Now the last ragged defenders battle horrors out of nightmare. Their blades are no match for the monstrous onslaught. The shield will fall.

It will take more than the golden light of mages, the copper shine of touches, the silver glow of visants to stave off annihilation. More than delving the mystery of the bonefolk. More than the forging of an impossible blade. It will take a harrowing passage into realms beyond death, beyond human sight—a quest for the source of light itself.


Triad, by Terry McGarry
Tor Books, ISBN 0-765-30429-5
Jacket art by Julie Bell
Jacket design by Carol Russo Design
Hardcover, November 2005
Paperback, April 2007

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A portion of the cover of Triad by Julie Bell

“Even though the magelight has been reborn and a new generation of mages—wordsmiths, illuminators and binders who work in triads—has arisen, the island continent of Eiden Myr remains under siege, beset by horrors and in need of ‘a good deal of saving’ in McGarry’s impressive conclusion to an ambitious trilogy that began with Illumination (2001) and continued with The Binder’s Road (2003). Saving Eiden Myr, however, will require a journey to a haunted realm of wonder as well as the casting of forbidden ‘darkcraft.’ Adroit world-building includes rich language derived from the humanlike outline of Eiden Myr (one might travel ‘Headward’ or send a shipment ‘Fistward’) and a base nine counting system that accounts for the culture’s many triads. Some may be daunted by the ambitious scope and multiple points of view, but others will be rewarded by the absorbing metaphysics of this intricate fantasy world.” —Publishers Weekly


“In the conclusion of McGarry’s Eiden Myr trilogy, that island realm is under attack by monsters from the outerlands, with the wards that once protected it having been destroyed by the mages for the sake of banishing darkcraft. Odds and sods of defenders battle the incoming horrors, but at the price of exile, for killing is forbidden in Eiden Myr. A new light, or power, has appeared, however, and it may allow victory for the defenders. But can it be trusted? The quest to answer that question may be deadlier than the attackers are. This book will be best appreciated by readers of Illumination (2001) and The Binder’s Road (2003), who will be familiar with Eiden Myr, for many characters from the previous books appear in this one. Newcomers should retreat to Illumination, though McGarry also provides a Web site for those seeking enlightenment.” —Frieda Murray, Booklist

“This is high fantasy at its best as Terry McGarry closes her trilogy (see ILLUMINATION and THE BINDER’S ROAD) with terrific finish. The story line is action-packed, but never loses sight of the importance of key characters and not just the Great triad members. Readers will treasure this fabulous end to a great saga, but be advised that to fully savor the epic tale read the previous novels first.” —MBR Bookwatch