Three stories, three sample scenes from the Eiden Myr books, nine extras from Triad.


Short stories

Mistweaver: A fable about vocation and renewal. About 1700 words.

For Fear of Little Men: In postapocalyptic Ireland, Bridget discovers that leprechauns are real—and the “leprechauns” fear that the Tuatha De Danann have risen from the earth to reclaim their heritage. About 4500 words.

Limnery in Cursive: A direct prequel to Illumination, telling the story of Galandra’s daughter, and how Seblik winds up where he is in the novel’s prologue. About 5200 words.


Novel excerpts

From Illumination

Liath and Nerenyi: They rode side by side to the top of the white-sand dune, and looked down at a village curved like a shell at the water’s edge. The sun slipped into the sea in a spreading crimson stain. She had seen the sun go down in the Sea of Wishes after all.

From The Binder’s Road

Pelufer in the Hauntwood: The bonefolk consumed flesh and fibers. Here were all the things they left: stones and buckles, knives and chisels, the oddments folk carried in their pockets and stuffed in their belts, the kind of oddments she and her sisters made a trade of.

From Triad

Mauzl and the Ankleman: Wrenchheart numblimb clutchgut, that was how paths opened. It was the curse of sight. No likely or unlikely, no might or maybe. Just will. All paths were always possible. All paths were equally possible. Everything could always happen and always would. Until the next breath. Until the next set of everythings.


Triad bonus material


Deleted scenes and extended scenes, with author’s notes. 

Befre and Graefel: So long ago that she had found herself subsumed into a soul-plundering oneness, seeing through her brother’s eyes for the first and only time.

Keiler and the Visants: “He’s gone,” the Highlander said. In those two quiet words, Ioli gleaned far more than he wanted to.

Nerenyi and Liath: There was something terribly wrong with Liath—just as there had been when Nerenyi first met her. Nerenyi hadn’t known, then, and hadn’t helped. This time she knew. This time she knew in time to do something about it.

Pelkin’s Vigil: Pelkin n’Rolf was well aware that he took the existence of pethyar on faith. But he was a creature of the old world, and his belief in the spirits was strong.

Louarn and Liath: The price of old friendships would always be thoughtless gestures that sliced too close to the bone.

Liath Falling: Was this the fall from the cliff, had she stepped into the death she should have died with them all those years ago?

Caille and the Stain: She had found that there were things her shine simply could not mend or heal or change.



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