Triad Extra Material

Around the time I was due to deliver Triad, a major bookseller dug its heels in on the price points of Big Fat Fantasies. Other writers affected by the situation divided books into two; that wasn’t going to work for this one, for thematic and structural reasons, so I edited it to the required length. Here’s a selection of cut material, with author’s notes.

Outtake: Befre and Graefel

Expanded Scene: Pelkin’s Vigil

Extended Chapter: Nerenyi and Liath

Outtake: Keiler and the Visants

Expanded Scene: Louarn and Liath

Expanded Scene: Liath Falling

Expanded Scene: Caille and the Stain


Also available here: The character list and glossary that would have preceded the acknowledgments in the backmatter.